Love Skin Clinic

Skin Needling Training


What does the course involve:

The aim of this course is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to perform a professional and ethical treatment in a safe and hygienic matter. You will be provided with the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, tools and products you need, including a certificate to proudly display in your place of work.

What skills will I learn?

• Skin structure & cell cycle
• Human anatomy & physiology
• Professional ethics & standards of practice
• Identifying skin types & conditions
• Prepare treatment area
• Prepare client for treatment
• Carry out a client consultation
• Identify contraindications
• Implement safe work practices
• Carry out and maintain infection control
• Perform treatment
• Provide aftercare & home care

What Will I receive?

1x Micro Needling Device
1x Charger
1x Spare battery
1x Sharps container
10x Needle Cartridges
10x Intense hydration sheet masks
1x Vitamin C Serum
1x Vitamin A serum
1x Peptide Serum
1x Clinic size cleanser
1x Clinic size exfoliator
1x Professional peel
1x Clinic size finishing cream with SPF
1x Editable sample client consultation form
5x social media & marketing images
1x 30 Day Content Guide
1x Retail & Rebooking Guide
1x Turning Posts into Profit Guide

How will this benefit my business?

Skin needling treatments have gained much popularity in recent times and clients absolutely love this treatment for its effective and long-lasting results. What makes skin needling such a great treatment for clients and therapists is its versatility in terms of what you can treat. With the varying speeds and depths of the device, skin needling can be done anywhere on the face and body to treat a multitude of concerns, including improving hair growth. As a business, you benefit by adding another treatment to your repertoire. It is a low-cost treatment that yields big profit.

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